Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme

The Discover Bute Landscape Partnership Scheme (DBLPS) was a four year £2.8 million partnership project between national, regional and local organisations.  Investigating and developing the archaeology and heritage of Bute for for both academic and non-specialist audiences was a central theme of the DBLPS, most notably through the £200,000 Archaeological Research Project (ARP). The ARP and other archaeology and heritage projects were developed and managed by Paul Duffy, with the invaluable support and assistance of a steering committee drawn from local and national partners.

In total over 120 separate opportunities for people to engage with the archaeology and heritage of Bute.  Positive interventions in the form of survey, excavation or consolidation were undertaken at 25 separate archaeological locations and approximately 140 previously unrecorded archaeological sites were documented, increasing the known sites on Bute by about 30 percent.  Over 3000 volunteer attendee/days were contributed, amounting to thousands of hours of volunteer instruction and learning, and 4 student bursary programmes were delivered. 8 separate publications were produced detailing the findings of work for a variety of audiences, from academic to general public.  The ARP project was rated as ‘outstanding’ in the independent final review of the DBLPS.

Below are a selection of curated archaeological resources from the project


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