Volume 20

Munroe I Museum: repercussions of the great frost, 1982 5
Blair N Musuem Jubilee 5-8 6-8
Marshall D N The excavation of Hilton cairn 8-20
Scott JG The pottery found at Hilton 21-22
Whittington Environmental conditions at Hilton cairn 23-26
Marshall D N The story of the excavation of the Neolithic burial cairn at Glenvoidean (Part 2) 27-33
Marshall D N The Kingarth standing stones 34-35
Johnston E 50 Years of Farming 36-52
Gibson JA Population studies of Clyde seabirds Part 3 53-67
Gibson JA The reptiles and amphibians of the Cumbraes and some other Clyde islands 68-70
Gibson JA The freshwater fishes of the Island of Bute 71-75
Gibson JA Notes on the status of the common goby Pomatoschistus microps in the Clyde area 76-77
Gibson JA Additional notes on the mammals of the Island of Bute 78-80
Castle ME A survey of rookeries in Buteshire in 1975 81-85
Buchanan AL In search of an inn at Bransier Bog in the south end of Bute 86-90
Buist DS Columnar sandstone, South Bute 91-95
Dykes A Weather report, 1969-1975 96-98